The Move Out Of Pain Community
The Move Out Of Pain Community

Welcome to The Move Out Of Pain Community

Where you get everything you need to live life without pain getting in your way

What is the Move Out Of Pain Community?

Ths community is a place where people that are experiencing ongoing pain and symptoms can get the help they need to live freely again.

If you have pain and are: 

  • Afraid, anxious and unsure of long term prognosis
  • Not receiving the help that you want / need
  • Bouncing from practitioner to practitioner without symptom resolution
  • "Falling through the cracks" in the medical model & losing hope that someone can help you
  • Encountering flare ups of symptoms for no clear reason
  • Afraid that exercise is doing more harm than good
  • Without a clear path to make improvement 

This membership hub & community has been built to give you everything that you need to overcome your pain & symptoms. 

You get help with your mindset, education about pain itself, movement improvement programmes to graded strength programmes that cover the whole body and practical tools to help you with important influences on pain levels such as sleep, energy levels & more. 

PLUS ongoing community support from myself and everyone in the Move Out Of Pain family.

We are building the NUMBER ONE place that you can go to help yourself with your symptoms and you are welcome to join to get the help you deserve!

Why You Should Join
The Move Out Of Pain Community

Everything you need to overcome pain is at your fingertips.

  • A clear structured process to bring you from what you currently feel like to the freedom that living a pain-free life brings.
  • A community of like-minded people that are all engaging and supporting each other to overcome pain and improve their movement.
  • A place where you can get your questions answered by a trained professional who has spent over a decade working with people with ongoing pain.
  • Access to on-demand courses that ensure you get clarity, regain confidence in your body and get back to living life without pain getting in your way 
  • Access The Move Out Of Pain Community easily by downloading our fully functional app for iOS & Android as soon as you become a member
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